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IL Senator Calls for Legionnaires' Outbreak Investigation

Quincy IL

With 12 deaths and over 50 veterans sick at a veterans’ home in Quicy, Illinois, Senator Dick Durban is calling for an investigation into the source of their Legionnaires’ outbreak.

Read the full story here.

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Legionnaire's Disease Bacteria Found at South Bronx Public Housing

Melrose Houses

Just weeks after a massive Legionnaire’s Disease outbreak caused by cooling towers in New York, a public housing facility in the South Bronx has tested positive for Legionella. There have been 4 cases??at the facility in the last 6 months. Residents are??understandably frustrated but hopeful the problem will be resolved soon. Read the full article from ABC Local News here.

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San Quentin Prison Suffers Legionella Outbreak

San Quentin Prison

Yet another outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease has appeared, this time at??San Quentin Prison in San Francisco. Over 90 inmates are reporting pneumonia-like symptoms, a warning sign of Legionnaire’s Disease. Read the full article from the NY Times here.

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Death Toll Climbs at Illinois Veterans Home

Quincy IL

A Legionella outbreak in Western Illinois at a veteran’s home has??killed 8 people living at the home??and sickened 50. Local Quincy residents fear??the outbreak could??be more widespread??in the community. Read the full article from CBS here.

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Feds’ Policy Blunders Allow Legionnaire’s Disease Outbreaks

CDC logo

In the wake of several outbreaks of Legionnaire’s Disease across the U.S., the CDC is taking criticism for their policies regarding Legionella in a recent article from the Daily Caller.
Read the full article here.

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Legionnaire's Disease Claims Another Victim at Oakland VA Hospital in Pittsburgh

Oakland VA Hospital

Despite diligent monitoring and chemical-based treatments, another person has died from Legionnaires Disease at the VA Hospital in Oakland. While tests are being done to determine if the victim made contact with the bacteria at the VA campus, this case serves as another reminder of the importance of careful Legionella testing and control. Read the full article from TribLive here.

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Copper for Nosocomial Prevention

Copper is a potent anti-microbial agent in water – which is why it is so effective in copper silver systems to control Legionella. Recent studies show it may also become the best way to prevent bacterial infections on contact surfaces in hospitals.

Nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections, like Legionnaires Disease and MRSA, affect millions of people every year. Many nosocomial infections are spread by contact surfaces like bed-rails.

But there is hope to stop this deadly spread of bacteria, thanks again to copper.

In a recent article from NPR, Constanza Correa, a Chilean scientist, shares her research on the effect copper bed-rails are having on hospitals in Chile and the US.

Read the full article from NPR here.