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EPI Copper Silver Ionization is the most effective water treatment solution to control deadly Legionella bacteria. Enrich's experts can help you choose the right solution that fits your facility's needs.


  • Designed for temporary or permanent installation
  • Utilizes custom plumbing and allows the installation to take up less space than portable or fixed units
  • Ships directly to customer
  • Can be plumbed into the water system by the customer or a third-party contractor
  • 2” threaded connections on flanges of each cell allow for easy installation


  • Drain valves, hose connections, isolation valves for each electrode cell, and connections to water system (including a bypass valve) are needed in order to for equipment to operate properly


  • Designed for long-term treatment
  • 2 electrode cells are installed for quick and easy switch to a clean unit whenever service is needed
  • Control unit, flow meter, and 2 electrode cells are prefabricated on powder-coated steel frame and include both isolation and drain valves
  • Minimal pipework is required to install (additional inlet and outlet connections and bypass valve are required)
  • Prefabricated with inlet and outlet fittings (either sweat or press) that are ready for permanent connection to the water system
  • Fits through most standard openings (some disassembly may be needed)


  • Requires freight shipping
  • Minimum space requirement (custom pipework is necessary in order to install the system if there is not adequate space)


  • Designed for short-term treatment
  • Mobile and fits through standard sized doorways
  • Positions either horizontally or vertically
  • Threaded connections allow it to be fastened to a specified install location
  • Requires minimal pipework
  • Works with existing pipework through a flexi-hose, making use of bypass valves


  • Predetermined connection size limits multi-install capabilities
  • Only one electrode cell is provided with this unit
  • Minimum space requirement, so if there is not adequate space, custom pipework is necessary to initialize system

why copper silver ionization?

Benefits of Copper Silver Ionization

Copper Silver Ionization is the simplest, safest and most effective Legionella control system available today.

Safest:  Copper is a human essential element.  Many vitamin or eye pills include copper.  Silver is not toxic to humans.  EPI Copper Silver has the lowest EPA Toxicity rating for all toxicity categories: Category IV.  This means that our product does not require cautionary statements.

Simplest:  EPI Systems are simple to install using basic plumbing fittings.  Most systems can be installed within a few hours to 1 day.  EPI offers 'rack-mount' or portable systems that allow for even more timely installations.  

Most effective:  Copper and silver ions are not impacted by hot water temperatures while Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide and Chloramines are.  This means that copper and silver do not need to be continuously fed into the water to sustain necessary treatment levels. 

Copper Silver Ionization technology is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to control Legionella bacteria within potable water systems.

Benefits of EPI Copper Silver Ionization:

  • All we do is Ionization.  We don't spend unnecessary time and resources on other product lines and services.  If you need something we cannot provide, we can point you to similarly focused companies.     
  • Provides the most advanced Ionization Controller.  Includes an intuitive HMI touchpad with menus and shortcuts.
  • EPI Electrode cells are machined from a solid core of 6061 T-6 aluminum and have no welds.  Each cell includes flanges with 1", 2" or 3" male NPT SS 316 threads for rigid pipe connections.   
  • A Flow Meter comes with each system.  Enrich installs and calibrates each one.  This helps to get the water treatment set up right the first time.
  • Additionally manufactured by EPI is our Internet Monitoring System (EPIMS) which can communicate via wi-fi, ethernet or cellular.  This allows EPI to remotely review, trend, and adjust multiple parameters.  Systems adjustments are logged.  Facility personnel have view only access.
  • We do not charge for emergency visits.
  • We do not charge for routine visits for relevant meetings.
  • We do not have a complicated warranty.  If something breaks we fix it often within 24 hours.
  • We can deliver our systems anywhere in the United States within 48 hours.

Enrich EPI systems are designed and assembled in the USA and come with unmatched 24/7 technical support.

EPI copper silver ionization legionella control

Ionization Installation & Monitoring

Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring

Any water treatment solution must be properly maintained and monitored for optimal performance.  As such, all EPI systems have the capability to be connected online for remote monitoring purposes.  Installation is available at no charge, but would require an optional subscription-based service to enable remote monitoring. 

The professional team at Enrich then monitors your system settings daily including amps, volts, water usage and operational issues that can potentially occur. Enrich can then respond quickly by remotely adjusting treatment levels in response to issues, or, in response to results received from water samples.  This remote control access is also available to you via a simple username and password.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your system is functioning properly.  Having this safeguard in place can make the difference in keeping your facility safe from Legionella outbreaks.

View all system settings remotely

Make  remote adjustments

Monitor real time usage and consumption


EPI remote monitoring has strong customized security features to ensure the safety of your network, including password protection and controlled access. The data recorded by the system is encrypted and only viewable to authorized personnel.


Data and Reporting

Real time monitoring and regulatory compliance data is available at your fingertips.  Select your desired date ranges and view a wide variety of data elements including a graphical representations of some data. 

Easy Access

Get access from anywhere from any device, including mobile. All access points are password protected.

Remote Software Updates

EPI can remotely update your controller to the latest software version. This feature is included for the entire life of the equipment.

Enrich works with you diligently to routinely monitor and test for deadly waterborne bacteria, reducing the risk of Legionella. 

Legionella Testing

Enrich believes that independent third-party validation is essential to confirm the effectiveness of any Legionella control water treatment system.  As such, Enrich has partnered with the top national CDC-Elite lab to validate the water treatment effectiveness.

Ionization Testing and Monitoring

Copper silver ion testing, validation and monitoring are critical to measuring the effectiveness of your Copper Silver Ionization system performance to maintain a good remediation level throughout the whole water distribution system. It allows for timely corrective actions to prevent Legionella bacteria growth.    

Routine Monitoring

If levels of Legionella colonization are controlled within acceptable ranges of ionization and there are no known or suspected cases of Legionellosis, EPI will perform a site analysis once per week and a lab analysis once per month.

Site Copper Silver Testing Sample Requirements

At least two samples need to be collected per system. However, more samples may be required depending on the complexity of the plumbing system. One sample should be collected from the treated water supply and the second should be from a location far away from the water supply (distal).

Reactive Monitoring

If levels of Legionella colonization are undesirable, or there are suspected or known cases of Legionellosis, site analysis will be done twice per week, and lab analysis weekly.

Lab Testing for Copper / Silver Levels

Lab testing is the only way to accurately measure whether copper and silver levels are within optimal ranges, and it determines whether system adjustments are needed.

There are many different applications for Enrich equipment and therefore different types of installation. Enrich Products, Inc. conducts on-site surveys with new clients to determine specific installation procedures. However, there are a number of technicalities that Enrich always carefully monitor at all of our installations in order to ensure the success of the units.

In the pictures below, you can Learn more about the EPI Systems Copper Silver Ionization installation process.

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