Ionization Units & Equipment

Portable Unit


Reasons for Using the Portable Unit
This unit is designed for short term-treatment. It is created on a wheeled dolly, can fit through standard sized doorways, and can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, according to your needs. The portable unit has threaded connections that allow it to be tied into specified install locations, and requires minimal pipework, as it can be initialized on most existing pipework through a flexi-hose, making use of bypass valves.

Things to Keep in Mind.
With the portable unit, multi-install capability is limited because it only has one predetermined connection size. Only one electrode cell is provided with this system, so if the electrode cell needs maintenance, more down time may be required because the unit needs to be removed, cleaned and reinstalled (although during normal short-term applications, maintenance is not normally required during the treatment period.) The unit also has a minimum space requirement, so if an install cannot provide adequate space, custom pipework will be necessary to initialize the system.

Prefabricated Fixed Unit


Reasons for Using the Prefabricated Fixed Unit
This unit is designed for long-term treatment. Two electrode cells are installed for quick and easy switching to a clean unit whenever services is needed. The system’s components (control unit, flow meter, and two electrode cells) are prefabricated on a powder-coated steel frame that includes both isolation and drain valves. Minimal pipework is required to install the unit, as the unit is prefabricated with inlet and outlet fittings, either sweat or press, that are ready for permanent connection to the water system. All you need to use the unit are additional inlet and outlet connections and a bypass valve. The prefabricated fixed unit fits through most standard openings (some disassembly may be required).

Things to Keep in Mind.
The prefabricated fixed unit requires freighted shipping. The unit also has a minimum space requirement. If an install location cannot provide adequate space for the fixed system, custom pipework will be required to install the system.


Ionization Equipment Only

Reasons for Purchasing the Ionization Equipment Only
Purchasing Ionization Equipment only allows for either temporary or permanent installation, depending on your wishes. This solution utilizes custom plumbing and allows the installation to take up less space than the portable or fixed units. The unit is boxed and shipped directly to the customer, and can be plumbed into the water system by either the customer him/herself, or by a third-party contractor. 2” threaded connections on flanges of each cell allow for easy installation.

Things to Keep in Mind.
Additional piping components are required for this system to function possibly. These components include drain valves and hose connections, isolation valves for each electrode cell, and connections to the water systems (including a bypass valve).

Save Money Long-Term With Copper Silver Ionization

While there is higher up-front cost due to the materials involved (including aluminum, copper, silver and more), EPI copper silver ionization will save your organization money on Legionella control over the long term, due to the strength and quality of the materials.

Long-term costs are limited to simply monitoring ion levels and replacing sacrificial electrode bars. This is in stark contrast with other Legionella control methods which require continuous costs for both replacing chemicals and related labor.

EPI copper silver ionization legionella control