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Copper Silver Challenges Illuminated in PPG Article

EPI Copper Silver Ionization - Legionella Control

Enrich Products was featured this weekend in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PPG) article outlining the challenges copper silver ionization is still facing in the wake of the Pittsburgh VA outbreak over two years ago.

Writer Sean D. Hamill interviewed our President, Neil Silverberg and Chief of Operations, Aaron Marshall for the article and our own Erik Harker was photographed (using our new testing lab in our Pittsburgh headquarters) for the front page article.

You can read the full article on the PPG???s website here.

For over 25 years, Enrich Products has been, and continues to be committed to full regulatory compliance. We have??EPA registration and are??NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 Certified??to ensure we meet and exceed every standard.

Enrich??testified before Congress about the efficacy of copper silver ionization and, subsequently, the technology was found not to be at fault for the outbreak.

In spite of Enrich???s testimony, our willingness to cooperate with regulations, and the exoneration of copper silver ionization in the Pittsburgh VA outbreak, the Pennsylvania State DEP and Allegheny County are still setting public recommendations that copper silver ionization not be used in Pennsylvania facilities.

We are working with the PA DEP and other state administrators across the country to insure that the reliability and efficacy of ionization, as the preferred method of Legionella Control, is recognized.

If you are concerned about your state???s policies, would like us to speak to your state???s administrators, or simply want more information on copper silver ionization or Legionella control, please give the office a call toll-free at 1.800.369.7662 or send us an email.

(Featured photo on main page by Michael Henninger)

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