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Clearing the Air – Short Course Treatments

In an article about Legionella published on, Dr. Victor Yu (Special Pathogens Laboratory), stated the only company offering??short-term ionization treatments is LiquiTech. ??
This is in fact, ??an erroneous statement, and Dr. Yu has stated he will publish??a retraction.

Enrich Products Inc., was the first ionization company to begin using??short-term, or as we refer to them, “Short??Course” treatments. ??We introduced this application in 2007 as a response to the need expressed by our health care client to have a solution ( to a Legionella outbreak) immediately without incurring a large cost. ??Their primary need was for immediate results however, they were also concerned with seeing its efficacy before committing to a long term program.

Our??Short??Course??method requires diligent??monitoring, can significantly reduce Legionella in water quickly,??and copper silver levels needed for Legionella control can be achieved within hours.

Enrich Products has been a leader in Legionella control for over 17 years and is our systems are EPA registered. Our dedicated staff work as partners with facilities to control Legionella using the Best Available Technology, and can deliver an emergency??Short??Course??system within 24 hours.

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