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CDC emails on VA Legionnaires' investigation raise questions

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Sean Hamil investigates bias against Copper Silver Ionization in newly released emails from the CDC.

From the article, “…The emails of Dr. Whitney and seven of her CDC colleagues revealed personal??biases against Dr. Yu and Ms. Stout, as well as copper-silver systems, which discharge minute amounts of copper and silver ions into water to kill Legionella.??While personal bias itself does not always directly affect the related scientific research, the CDC emails show that in this case, these biases may have played a role in how and what information the CDC chose to present on its investigation, first, in a 2013 report to Congress, and later, in a 2015 article in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.”

Read parts one and two of this investigation??on the Post Gazette website.


Photo courtesy of PPG website/J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press
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