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Fourth Legionnaires’ Outbreak in Four Years

A fourth case of Legionnaire’s disease has been reported at the state-run Quincy VA in Illinois. The announcement came hours before a hearing to discuss the Legionnaire’s Disease outbreaks, which have killed 13 people to date. More on the hearings and lawmakers’ reactions in the Chicago Tribune.

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Protective Order Overturned for Flint Legionella Investigation


The Michigan Court of Appeals have overturned a Protective Order that allowed the McLaren Flint Hospital to withhold documents regarding their??water crisis and outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease.

As of yesterday, there have been 16 reported cases of Legionnaires’??in Genessee County, Michigan. This County includes the city of Flint.


(Photo: Max Ortiz / The Detroit News)
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Senator Casey Seeks Federal Investigation into CDC

Oakland VA Hospital

Sen. Bob Casey has called for a formal inquiry??in light of the CDC emails regarding their handling of the 2012 Legionnaire’s outbreak at the Oakland VA.

From the article: ?????It is of great concern to me and should be to anyone interested in this that there could be bias in the CDC???s results in this investigation??? of the Pittsburgh VA Legionnaires??? outbreak, Mr. Casey said Monday. ???I am??going to ask the Inspector General at the CDC how [the CDC] managed this investigation and whether they accurately reported the results in this investigation.???

Read the full article here.

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CDC emails on VA Legionnaires' investigation raise questions

Enrich Products, Inc

Sean Hamil investigates bias against Copper Silver Ionization in newly released emails from the CDC.

From the article, “…The emails of Dr. Whitney and seven of her CDC colleagues revealed personal??biases against Dr. Yu and Ms. Stout, as well as copper-silver systems, which discharge minute amounts of copper and silver ions into water to kill Legionella.??While personal bias itself does not always directly affect the related scientific research, the CDC emails show that in this case, these biases may have played a role in how and what information the CDC chose to present on its investigation, first, in a 2013 report to Congress, and later, in a 2015 article in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.”

Read parts one and two of this investigation??on the Post Gazette website.


Photo courtesy of PPG website/J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press
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School District Leader Alarmed by Lack of Legionella Protocols


Three public schools in Elgin, IL reopened last week after being shut down due to high Legionella levels found in the cooling towers. Tony Sanders, CEO of the affected U-46 school district, expressed frustration over the lack of public protocols concerning the testing and treatment of Legionella bacteria. Read the full story on Legionella frustrations in IL here.

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Legionnaire's Disease Bacteria Found at South Bronx Public Housing

Melrose Houses

Just weeks after a massive Legionnaire’s Disease outbreak caused by cooling towers in New York, a public housing facility in the South Bronx has tested positive for Legionella. There have been 4 cases??at the facility in the last 6 months. Residents are??understandably frustrated but hopeful the problem will be resolved soon. Read the full article from ABC Local News here.