Copper Silver Ionization

How does Copper Silver Ionization Kill Legionella?


In simple terms, the electrode cells release positively charged ions, which are attracted to the negatively charged Legionella Bacteria.

The ions penetrate the cell wall, causing cell lysis and death. Ionization uses no harmful chemicals and is safe for your plumbing system.

Safe to Drink. Simple to Maintain. Effective Against Legionella.

Components of an EPI Copper Silver System

Digital Flow Meter



A Digital Flow Meter communicates real-time flow data to the Ion Generator.


    • Non-pipe invasive
    • Calibrated by EPI staff specifically for your facility
    • Real-time GPM and flow rates
    • Ensures accurate treatments

Ion Generator

ion generator

Our State-of-the-Art touchscreen Ion Generator sends current to the Electrode Cells.


    • Easy to use touchscreen
    • Key operated to prevent tampering
    • Remote monitoring capable
    • Lifetime software updates

Electrode Cell

EPI Electrode Cell

Durable, high-quality Aluminum Electrode Cells deliver the Ion treatment.


    • Multiple sizes custom for your facility
    • Super strong aluminum body won't blowout under pressure
    • Quick-connect cable
    • Made in the USA

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EPA Registered
EPI copper silver ionization legionella control
UL Listed
Proudly Made in U.S.A

Customized System Options

Our equipment is available to purchase as components or as pre-built units.

Portable Units

CUAG Portable

Mounted on a cart, portable units can be moved from location to location. These are a short-term solution.

Fixed Rack Units

EPI Copper Silver Ionization System

Our fixed units are pre-built on a sturdy steel frame with piping and valves included. Simply plumb it into your existing system!